About the Exhibition

May 21, 2008

Tuesday 13 to Saturday 17 May – 10am to 6pm daily, free entry

Private View Tuesday 13 May 6-8.45pm

Menier Gallery

51 Southwark St
London SE1 1RU
Nearest tube London Bridge

Drawing Affinities explores correspondences between six emerging artists interested in how we physically and mentally shape and experience space. Engaged in the representation of that experience, some works deal with natural and man-made spaces, while others explore the objects with which we inhabit them. Reflecting that our aspirations are unlikely and our memories transient, they combine together, drawing visual spaces and opening mental places of affinity. The artists work in diverse disciplines, including painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture, installation and object-making.

Featuring artists: Gabor Gyory, Tamarin Norwood, Rosa Roberts, Chooc Ly Tan, Amelie Mourgue d’Algue and Valerie Jolly.

Curated by Valerie Jolly and Amelie Mourgue d’Algue

Exhibition essay by Tamarin Norwood


About the Essay

May 21, 2008

The Difficulty of Things is a six-part essay written by Tamarin Norwood in response to the concerns of the exhibition. Tamarin has aimed to create a text that reflects the themes of the exhibition in the same way as the artworks themselves, inviting the reader to apprehend the writing and artwork together rather than in opposition. A full length digital version is available upon request: please email tamarin (at) kulturfabric.org.

Tamarin Norwood is an artist and writer based in London. She joins the new Goldsmiths MFA Art Writing in September 2008.


May 21, 2008

Here on the table where I put my cup, my mother put hers before me. A trace on the table marks the place very clearly, and with the care she took to keep her cup in place I line mine up precisely.

As I set down my cup, and it is still warm, it contains the opaque depth of her tea and I can taste the sugar and the milk. Through the affinity of place we remember one another back and forth, and confuse the lengths of our hands as we replace, and reach, and replace.

My cup will not stay still.

© Tamarin Norwood 2008